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Unleash Your Creativity at This Art-Based Event

Develop your creativity and learn a new art form at this event centered around creating a Tissue Paper Snowflake Collage. Attendees will join Anita Slusher, our Program Specialist, and learn how to use tissue paper to create and layer colorful snowflakes on canvases.

Saint Luke’s South Hospital is a comprehensive health care facility serving Johnson County, Kansas, and the surrounding communities. We are happy to present this event to the public!

Although we provide the utmost luxury at The Royale at City Place Apartments in Overland Park, Kansas, we realize that you need to get out and socialize with those in your surrounding community. This event gives you the chance to do just that! Don’t hesitate to attend today!

Event Time/Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 2018— 11:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Saint Luke's South Hospital
12300 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, Kansas 66213

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